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6 weeks Speed, agility & Power Program

A System for Drastically Improving Your Athletes Speed, Agility, Power & Athleticism

No matter what sport you play, an athlete must have common attributes to ensure they are

competitive. Speed, agility, and power are essential skills every athlete must have to succeed in any


Do you  want to be the athlete that can stop on a dime, make cuts, accelerate,

elicit power instantly and gain that 1 degree of separation from your opponent? 

We have designed a program knowing the importance of these three essential skill factors to help

coaches, parents & athletes drastically see improvements.


Here are just a few benefits you will experience during the 6-week program are:

  • Boost in speed

  • Increased power

  • Improved athleticism that will transfer to any sport

  • Improve balance, body control & stability.

  • Develop faster acceleration & change of direction skills.



What does the 6-week online speed, agility & power program consist of?


The program is designed to progress as the weeks go on, and you will see exercises such as plyometrics,

footwork, stadium stairs, agility drills, medicine ball throws, contrast work, and sled pulls.

  • Workouts 4 days a week with three recovery days to ensure quality workouts

  • Pre & post-tests to measure key performance indicators in speed, agility & power

  • Detailed agility layouts on how to set up and execute each agility drill

  • Daily warm-up routine to prepare your body for the workout

  • Access to video demonstrations of exercises that are within the program

  • 24/7 email support to answer any questions you have about the program as you go through it

Here is an example of how the weeks are broken down for the athlete to see significant improvements. 

  • Monday: Speed/Power

  • Tuesday: Agility*

  • Wednesday: Restoration

  • Thursday: Speed/Agility

  • Friday: Power

*After week 3, Tuesday's theme will switch to footwork/stairs


Equipment you’ll need

  • Stopwatch

  • 6inch box

  • 6-8lb med ball

  • A sled or tire

  • Cones



Yes! I want to get results now and see my speed, agility & power skills improve.

Get your hands on this fantastic online program now.

Training Certifications


USTFCCA Strength & Conditioning Certified


IAAF Level 5


USATF Level 1


Leave us your information, and we will call you directly to discuss your child’s specific needs and goals.


Frisco, TX 75034

Tel: 817-914-1231

"He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock and when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built."
James 6:48

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