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Tier 1 Athlete

Summer Camps and Day Camps:
All of our summer camps and day camps, athletes will learn different workouts that cover speed, agility and power. They will learn why workouts need to be implemented in the right order to get the best results.

Topics will include:

  • Difference between power & strength workouts
  • Linear and lateral speed
  • Proper way to implement plyometrics
  • Proper mechanics for sprinting
  • How to effectivly accelerate and the mechanics of acceleration
  • The importance of muscle stiffness and the roll it plays in power and speed.
  • Med ball workouts to help improve all areas of speed, agility and power.

These camps will be jammed packed with amazing and outstanding information that will take your athletic talents and abilities to the next level. A lot of the things covered are the secrets and success that top college coaches and pro's utilize on a consistent basis.