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Tier 1 Athlete

A System for Drastically Improving Your Athletes’ Speed, Agility, Power & Athleticism

No matter what sport you play there are common attributes that an athlete must have to insure they are competitive. Speed, agility and power are three big skills that every athlete must have to be successful in any sport.

You want to be the athlete that can stop on a dime, make cuts like a knife, accelerate from 0-60 in a flash, and elicit power instantly; to be that unstoppable athlete that every competitor fears facing.

Tier1Athlete has designed a program knowing the importance of these three important skill factors to help coaches, parents & athletes drastically see improvements.

Benefits you’ll experience during the 6-week program are:
•    Boost in speed
•    Increased power
•    Improved athleticism that will transfer to any sport
•    Improve balance, body control & stability
•    Develop faster acceleration & change of direction skills

What does the 6-week online speed, agility & power program consist of?

The program is designed to progress forward as the weeks go on and you’ll see exercises, such as plyometrics, foot work, stadium stairs, agility drills, medicine ball throws, contrast work and sled pulls.
•    Workouts 4 days a week with 3 recovery days to insure quality workouts
•    Pre & post tests to measure key performance indicators in speed, agility & power
•    Detailed agility layouts on how to set up and execute each agility drill
•    Daily warm-up routine to prepare your body for the workout
•    Access to video demonstrations of exercises that are within the program
•    24/7 email support to answer any questions you have about the program as you go through it*
*We will respond to emails within 24hrs.

Here is an example of how the weeks are broken down to insure success.
Monday: Speed/Power  
Tuesday: Agility*
Wednesday: Restoration
Thursday: Speed/Agility
Friday: Power
*After week 3 Tuesday’s theme will switch to foot work/stairs

Equipment you’ll need:
•    Stopwatch        
•    6inch box
•    6-8lb med ball
•    A sled or tire
•    Cones

Yes! I want to get results now and see my skills improve in the areas of speed, agility & power.

6 Week Online Speed, Agility & Power Program

Get your hands on this amazing online program now for just $120!


Tier 1 camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.)