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The Hurdle Calculator Program

Coach, supercharge your hurdle training for your hurdlers! Unleash the power of our program, which is now compatible with both Windows PCs and Mac laptops! Let us guide you in perfecting hurdle practice spacings, race analysis, and beyond. Elevate your hurdler's performances!

A inside look of the program

Transform your hurdle coaching with The Hurdle Calculator Program—crafted from 14 years of NCAA D1 expertise!

As a seasoned coach, I understand the struggle of organizing performance data and identifying athlete strengths and weaknesses. The tedious task of inputting data after every race pushed me to create a solution, resulting in The Hurdle Calculator Program.

Elevate your coaching game with The Hurdle Calculator Program and unlock a world of benefits that will revolutionize your approach:


1. ⚙️ Effortless Automation:

Seamlessly automate hurdle data entry with a user-friendly, single-page form, saving you time and energy.

2. 📊 Instant Organization:

Achieve instant organization with a single click, effortlessly sorting and categorizing all your hurdler's performance data.

3. 🗑️ Effortless Data Management:

Take control with easy deletion options—remove a single entry or wipe all data with a simple click, streamlining your record-keeping.

4. 🎥 Integrated Video Management:

Streamline analysis by organizing and associating race videos with each athlete's performance data entry effortlessly.

5.🏃‍♂️ Precision Practice Planning:

Gain valuable insights into optimal hurdle spacings, empowering you to tailor practices for both hurdles with precision.

6. 📏 Strategic Stride Calculation:

Calculate long hurdle stride patterns based on the athlete's 30-meter fly time, providing data-driven insights for targeted improvement.

7. 🎯 Zone-Focused Practices:

Design focused short hurdle practices based on identified improvement zones, maximizing your coaching impact.

Elevate your coaching experience with The Hurdle Calculator Program and enjoy a seamless journey with our exclusive offerings:


Stay ahead with continuous improvements—enjoy free lifetime updates to The Hurdle Calculator Program after your purchase.


We've got your back! Contact us for assistance via email or Zoom—our support team is here to ensure your coaching success.


Whether you're on a Windows PC or a MAC laptop, harness the power of The Hurdle Calculator Program on your preferred platform.


Install the program on your computer of choice and dive into a tailored hurdle coaching experience. Make the most of our powerful features with ease.



Acquire The Hurdle Calculator Program today for just $450—a small investment to significantly enhance your hurdle coaching methodology.




Don't just take our word for it! Hear from fellow coaches who have embraced The Hurdle Calculator Program and witness the impact on their coaching journey.

what are coaches saying about the program

average rating is 5 out of 5

3 meets into the season, already reaping the hurdle calculator program's benefits. I have a group of 13 hurdlers: 4 lifetime PR's, 10/12 have dropped their 100/110H or 300H in each meet. Programming has become much more focused. Thanks, Coach!

Coach Burton

average rating is 5 out of 5

It helps me hurdle the competition

Chris Parno

average rating is 5 out of 5

It has helped me narrow down pieces of my athlete's races that need the most work. My eye is only so good & the data this program pumps out truly makes the difference

Connor Green

average rating is 5 out of 5

I don’t have to calculate the distances for workouts anymore. They are already there for me. This program is the bomb. It is loaded. Short hurdles and long hurdles data are where you put in your athlete's splits. You can put in workouts create workouts

Coach Wilson

Purchase for Windows PC 

Purchase for a MAC Laptop 

As a hurdles coach, you can also enjoy the following advantages

Hurdle Analysis Charts


The Hurdles Calculator Program brings unparalleled benefits for coaches, providing in-depth insights and analysis:

  1. 📊 Performance Comparison:  

Effortlessly compare hurdlers' performances to their project target goals through intuitive analysis charts. Identify strengths and areas for improvement at a glance.

       2.⏱️ Splits and Cumulative Times:

Gain a comprehensive view of hurdle splits and cumulative times for short and long hurdles, all aligned with target goal times.

       3. 🎯 Practice Precision:

Determine optimal hurdle distances for short hurdles based on selected target goal times, ensuring targeted and effective practice sessions.

       4. 📈 Unit Splits Analysis:

Automatically input hurdle split times into analysis charts for a detailed breakdown of unit splits, allowing for precise performance evaluation.

       5. 📉 Visual Performance Graph:

Visualize hurdle velocity; unit splits, cumulative times, and step patterns with our comprehensive graph for long hurdles—providing a holistic overview.

        6. 🏋️ Workout Setup Guide:

Navigate hurdle workouts easily using our included guide, assisting in setting up practices based on selected spacings and cumulative distances.

        7. 🔄 Expert Drill Inclusion:

Benefit from a 2-step stick drill by High School coach Tony Wells, enhancing your coaching repertoire with proven techniques by a high school track and field coach legend. 

"Empower your hurdle coaching toolbox—experience the complete package with The Hurdles Calculator Program today!"

Purchase for Windows PC 

Purchase for a MAC Laptop 

Unlock an exclusive offer! Receive a FREE BONUS program—our Performance Estimator Tool. Elevate your sprinters/hurdlers by analyzing their 20m/30m fly times. A valuable addition to enhance your coaching toolkit! Don't miss out—get it now with The Hurdles Calculator Program.

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Training Certifications


USTFCCA Strength & Conditioning Certified


IAAF Level 5


USATF Level 1


"Experience the power of The Hurdle Calculator Program firsthand! Schedule your live Zoom Demo now by contacting us. We'll work with you to set up a convenient day and time. Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your coaching—reach out today!"

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