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The Hurdle Calculator Program

You can UTILIZE THE PROGRAM ON A WINDOWS pc and NOW Can be used on a Mac lAPTOP.

 The program WILL help GUIDE YOU IN setting up your hurdle practice SPACINGS, Analyzing races, and more.

A inside look of the program

During my 14 years as a hurdle coach at the NCAA D1 level, I found myself seeking a process to keep my hurdler's performance data organized & to document the strengths & weaknesses of the athlete's performances.  

I was tired of endlessly inputting every one of my hurdler's performance data after every single race. I wanted a way to input data faster & save it cumulatively so the athlete & I had an overall picture of their performances.   

So my pain & frustration led me to design a program I could utilize that solved my issues & through that process, I developed  The Hurdle Calculator Program.

The Benefits of Utilizing the Hurdle Calculator Program


  • Automate your hurdle data faster with a single-page data entry form.

  • Have all your hurdler's performance data organized automatically with just one click of a button.

  • Delete a single performance data entry of an athlete or delete all their data with a simple click of a button.

  • Easily organize & associate race videos with the athlete's performance data entry.

  • Know what hurdle spacings to utilize in practice for both hurdles. 

  • Calculate the stride pattern for the long hurdles based on the athlete's 30-meter fly time.

  • Set up short hurdle practices around what hurdle zones the athlete needs to improve.




                      EMAIL or ZOOM SUPPORT PROVIDED

The Hurdles Calculator Program can be utilized on a Windows PC and on a MAC laptop.

You can only install the program onto one computer of your choice. Therefore we highly encourage you to download the program onto your personal computer to utilize.

You can start utilizing the program today for the purchase price of $600

Every hurdle coach will benefit from using the program.  Look at what other coaches who are utilizing the program have to say. 

what are coaches saying about the program

average rating is 5 out of 5

3 meets into the season, already reaping the hurdle calculator program's benefits. I have a group of 13 hurdlers: 4 lifetime PR's, 10/12 have dropped their 100/110H or 300H in each meet. Programming has become much more focused. Thanks, Coach!

Coach Burton

average rating is 5 out of 5

It helps me hurdle the competition

Chris Parno

average rating is 5 out of 5

It has helped me narrow down pieces of my athlete's races that need the most work. My eye is only so good & the data this program pumps out truly makes the difference

Connor Green

average rating is 5 out of 5

I don’t have to calculate the distances for workouts anymore. They are already there for me. This program is the bomb. It is loaded. Short hurdles and long hurdles data are where you put in your athlete's splits. You can put in workouts create workouts

Coach Wilson

Coach, we want to help you by providing an affordable product, so if you 

To Receive A


$400 off instantly from the original purchase price. That is over 50% off the original price.

Purchase for Windows PC 

Purchase for a MAC Laptop 

As a hurdles coach, you can benefit from the following advantages as well:

Hurdle Analysis Charts


The hurdle analysis charts were designed to help compare hurdlers' performances to their project target goals. It provides a visual of what areas of their hurdle race they are doing well and what areas need to improve. 

  • It provides hurdle splits and cumulative hurdle times for both short hurdles and long hurdles based on target goal times.

  • Gain insight into what hurdle distances to practice at for the short hurdles based on selected target goal times in current hurdle performance races. 

  • Compare hurdle unit splits with our hurdle analysis charts that automatically input the hurdle split times into the analysis charts.

  • A visual graph that includes hurdle velocity, hurdle unit splits, cumulative hurdle times, and step patterns for the long hurdles.

Our Hurdles Calculator Program includes a guide for setting up hurdle workouts based on selected hurdle spacings and cumulative hurdle distances. We also have a 2-step stick drill by High School coach Tony Wells.

Purchase for Windows PC 

Purchase for a MAC Laptop 

Get a FREE BONUS program to improve your sprinters/hurdlers with our performance estimator tool based on their 20m/30m fly times.

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USATF Level 1


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