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Track Coach's Tool Box

The Athlete Profile is a in-depth look into any athlete you have on your roster. The Athlete profile will show athlete's contact information, indoor & outdoor pr's, testing batteries, a graph to see their progress in their testing batteries, block setting based on leg length, optimal leg length, stride frequency, stride length & max velocity. 

Athlete Profile

All most all coaches have performance predictor charts that are either printed out in a binder or separated into different excel tabs or word documents. We have put a stop to that and are providing performance predictors all in one place for easy viewing. Type in the athlete's 20m & 30m Fly times and get a performance indicator in the 100, 200, 400, hurdles & 800. Put in athletes 400m goal time and get practice parameter times for different segments. This is just a small sample of what you get. 

Performance Predictors

We believe that the Track Coach's Tool Box must have easy to use weight lifting template for coaches to simply plug in the lifts you want your athletes to complete, and their maxes for those lifts. It is also easy to adjust the sets and reps desired for the lift and the percentages of their maxes. For we know a lot of track coaches prefer to be in charge of the lifting programs for their athletes, therefore why we felt it was important to add into the Track Coach's Tool Box. 

The Hurdles is a very technical event in track & field. We have provided you the coach so much great hurdle information within the Track Coach's Tool Box, you will be blown away! You will have stride patterns to H1 for both hurdles, you will have hurdle touchdown times based on athlete's goal times from the 55H, 60H, 300H, 400H, 100mH, & 110mH. 

Within this amazing feature you will get parameters for what is called, "Zone Hurdling" for the 100mH & 110mH's. It is velocity based hurdling based on athletes performance goal time. The to throw even more in we providing 400H reduced spacing set ups for practices. 


Weight Lifting Programming 

Oh there is even more! Yet we can't show you everything in the Track Coach's Tool Box. 


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